Real Estate

Whether you are buying, selling or refinancing your house, condo or commercial premises, we will help you to understand the process, take control of it and complete it in a timely and stress-free manner.


Before you sign the binding agreement/contract for sale, we recommend you to bring it to our office for a review. If time is of the essence and you cannot make it in before the deadline, ensure a clause (“… subject to your lawyer’s approval as to form and content” within a specified time period, such as five business days) is included in the contract. This allows you to meet with a lawyer; if there is something important missing in the contract, or something that you need clarification on, we can help advise you on the next steps and help you proceed.


If your agreement of purchase and sale is conditional on lawyer review, we would be happy to review your agreement if requested. Likewise, we can also review your status certificate for a condominium purchase.


We have efficient staff to deal with real estate transactions be it a sale, purchase or financing of your house or condominium. Whether you are a builder buying or selling a property or an individual(s) buying or selling your house or condo or are refinancing an existing property, our highly experienced team at KD Law Firm will make your Real Estate transaction a smooth transaction.


For those who don’t have a real estate agent, we are available to assist with drafting and reviewing an offer to purchase right through to possession.


Due to the nature of today’s changing market, our real estate team includes lawyers who are able to assist clients with the drafting and review of Agreements for Sale (or Rent-to-Own Agreements), residential and commercial leases, and rental agreements


We offer affordable rates and can deal with your real estate transaction quickly and efficiently.


We also have litigation experience which gives us, and our clients, a competitive advantage. Our lawyers have in-depth experience in real estate matters such as:


  • residential and commercial sales and purchases;
  • condominium purchase and sale;
  • purchase and sale of business;
  • prepare and/or review sale and purchase agreement;
  • review condominium status certificate
  • family transfers;
  • estate transfers
  • first and second mortgages;
  • Purchase and Sale of Dental practice;
  • Purchase and Sale of Cottage;
  • Purchase and Sale of Vacant land;
  • Co-ownership Agreement;
  • Survivorship Application;
  • Commercial and personal financing and refinancing;
  • Commercial Leasing.

We can help with any ownership changes you wish to make, whether it be adding or removing a person, change the share of ownership, or transferring title from estate trustee to a beneficiary.


First time homebuyers

If you are a first-time homebuyer, you may also have a few questions and would like to speak with someone.  The real estate lawyer at KD Law Firm will help take you from having a signed agreement of purchase and sale to having the keys in your hand.


Commercial sale and purchase

Commercial property differs from residential property in that its sole purpose is to generate income. In most cases, commercial property is purchased by a corporation rather than an individual. Purchasing and selling a commercial property is a complex process, and consideration needs to be given to existing tenants, existing leases, zoning bylaws, municipal and fire safety compliance, service contracts, and environmental waste management.


Additionally, lenders will often require greater security and personal liability for any loans or mortgages given to buyers of commercial property. This security takes the form of general security agreements, promissory notes, environmental indemnifications and assignment of rents. Buyers of commercial property need to become well informed as to what their rights and obligations are under these agreements. When purchasing commercial properties it is best to seek legal representation early in the process to ensure all items are taken into consideration prior to a contract being drafted.


Co-ownership agreement

A co-ownership agreement creates a set of legally-binding rules for owners of a property. Getting a co-ownership agreement in place can help prevent and resolve disputes in an efficient way that doesn’t require expensive litigation.


Survivorship Application:

When two persons own property as joint tenants, each of them has a Right of Survivorship. If one of the owners dies, the surviving owner receives the deceased owner’s interest in the property automatically by exercising his/her Right of Survivorship. To achieve this, the surviving owner is required to submit a Survivorship Application. We can provide guidance with respect the securing the required documentation and submit the application on your behalf.


Dental practice

A dental practice is a complicated business and the purchase of a practice involves many complicated legal issues that require careful analysis and advice from a lawyer. We strongly encourage you to speak to a lawyer as early as possible. We represent clients in buying and selling Dental Practice.


Lease Review

Our office can also assist clients who may need a commercial, retail, office, or residential lease reviewed or drafted, whether for the tenant or landlord.



First time home buyer tax refund;

Calculate land transfer tax;



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